11 Tips to Transform Your Morning

Do you have a morning person in your life? They never hit snooze, enjoy a sit-down breakfast, sip their coffee, read the paper and enjoy a leisurely stroll to the car…How in the world do they do it?

So few of us are naturally morning people, it seems like something out of a Pinterest feed: Looks great, sounds awesome, but proves nearly impossible in execution.

But if you truly aspire to greet the day, all hope is not lost. With a little practice and the right incentives, you too can wake up on the right side of the bed. Read on for 11 quick tips to make your mornings a little merrier.

Suds up to wake up

Suds to Wake up

Tend to feel groggy in the morning? Showering in the AM can help break you out of a sleep haze. For best results, invest in bath products that get you excited to suds up. Invigorating scents like lavender, lemon, rosemary and mint are a great way to get the day going.

Sleep in your gym clothes

Sleep in your gym clothes

It may sound funny, but if you want to wake up early to hit the gym, try wearing your workout clothes to bed. Put your socks, sneakers and water bottle on the floor next to you for a quick grab-and-go. Sometimes the hardest part of accomplishing a goal is just getting started—using this method, you’ll be halfway out the door the moment you roll out of bed.

Drink up

Place a glass of water on the nightstand before you turn in—once your alarm goes off, reach over and drink up. A big glass of H2O first thing in the morning will re-hydrate your cells, kick-start your metabolism and flush out all the toxins that accumulated as you slept. Drinking water first thing in the morning is said to be even more energizing than coffee! Add a squeeze of lemon to really up the ante.

Make coffee your alarm clock

Make coffee your alarm

For better or worse, caffeine is a powerful motivator. If your coffee maker has the capability, set it to auto-brew at your normal wake time. The sound and smell of percolating coffee are sure to get you out of bed and into the kitchen.

Treat yourself

If you’re more of a coffee shop person, discover a menu favorite that’ll make you excited to start the day. On a budget? Even better. Designate a few “coffee splurge” days during the week—you’re guaranteed to greet the morning with extra excitement on those special mornings.

Crack the blinds

Crack the blinds

Sunlight tells your internal clock that it’s time to be awake. It’s best to sleep in total darkness, so open the blinds just enough to let in a little morning light but not enough to disrupt your sleep.

Get a head start

Get a head start

Try to wake up a half hour earlier than you absolutely need to. The extra time will give you a feeling of control over your day and help you get a more mindful start. If you’re someone who really struggles to wake up, the benefits are even greater: You’ll feel a genuine surge of accomplishment that sticks with you all day—the perfect incentive to turn early mornings into an everyday habit.

Make after-work plans

If all you’ve got on the calendar is a full workday and household to-dos, it’s not quite as thrilling to get a jump on the day. Carving out time for a get-together with friends or a date night with your spouse will make it easier to stay motivated and excited for what the day has to offer.

Prep ahead

Prep ahead for Breakfast

Too often we end up running out the door with half a Poptart and a travel mug of coffee. With a little prep work the night before, you can set yourself up for a delicious breakfast worth hopping out of bed for. Try making ahead and freezing whole wheat waffles—pop them in the toaster and top with peanut butter and bananas for a filling, high-protein start to the day.

Practice appreciation

Rather than feeling dread when the alarm clock starts singing, try rearranging your thoughts to focus on the positive. You’re alive and awake, with a fresh start and a new day. Send thoughts of gratitude to the forces in your life you feel lucky to have. Then get up and get at ’em.

Give thanks

Give thanks

Say thanks to your partner, your kids, your pets. Expressing your appreciation early on (before you get out of bed, even) sets a positive, appreciate tone for the day. The more you do it, the more you’ll want to do it.

Already a morning person? Pass this list on to a night owl who could use a little morning magic. Trying even a few at a time is sure to lift their spirits and improve the whole day.