Turn Zzz’s into A’s this School Year

Dorm Room Sleep Essentials

Back to school season has swept in, and college campuses across the country are swinging open their doors to greet incoming freshmen. Heading off to college is an exciting, sometimes stressful time for parents and students alike. There are people to meet and rules to learn. Schedules to tackle and maps to memorize. And with the freedom and excitement of school away from home come the inevitable growing pains of dorm room living. It may be the first time your child has had to share a room or make do with cramped quarters.

As you ramp up to take the college plunge, take stock of the comforts of home and determine which essentials should end up on your must-pack list. Make the most of less space and more to-dos with these product recommendations tailored to you. Rest assured, with some strategic packing and the right products, your dorm room can go from blah to ta-dah!

Back to Black

Night owl roommate? No worries. This plush cover-up is designed to offer total darkness, so even a laptop’s glare can’t reach you. It fits snugly over the contours of your eyes to comfortably block out any bright melatonin-interrupting light.

use an sleep mask instead of a book to block out bright light

Tune Out, Drift Off

Movie marathon in the dorm room next door? It’s no match for a sound machine or sound app. A crackling fire, babbling brook and breaking waves are all at your fingertips. Push play and drift off to sleep to the sound of your choice.

Upgrade From Ordinary

Standard-issue dorm beds leave something to be desired, but a padded mattress topper is a great quick-fix. Lightweight and packable, a mattress topper easily adds a touch of comfort and personalization to your home away from home. This two-inch plush memory foam design cradles pressure points, reacts to your body weight and holds its shape. Plus, the removable cover is hypoallergenic and washable.


Your new dorm room may come with a mattress, but it’s definitely BYOP (bring your own pillow). Already have one you love? Leave it at home for weekend visits, and start fresh with a cool new design. Modern pillows come in all shapes and sizes, feature materials like refreshing gel foam and hypoallergenic latex, and are designed to suit any sleep style. A molded, firm memory foam model will pull double duty: prop you up during study sessions and cradle your spine as you sleep.

Dreamfit Sweet Dreams

8 hours of class, a 3-hour study session and Intro to Physics bright and early? You’ll be happy to come home to some dreamy sheets. Treat yourself well after a long day of learning with Dreamfit’s line of premium sheets. Choose from natural, world-class or Egyptian cotton, brushed microfiber or a bamboo-rayon blend. They come with an extra-large top sheet and self-tailoring fitted sheet. Plus they’re compatible with any mattress type, with elastic corner-bands for a no-slip, bunch-free fit.

guys hanging out in college dorm room

Off-Campus Comfort

Dodging the dorm route? An off-campus apartment gives you the luxury of more space and the freedom to choose your own mattress. Consider an affordable and transportable queen size innerspring, gel memory foam or hybrid model for your off-campus abode. These mattresses are conveniently delivered to your doorstep in a box–no need to worry about attaching it to the roof of your car! Select models come with a platform base for easy transport and set-up.

Weekend Warrior

On-campus living means weekend trips to mom and dad’s just got even better. Hello, full fridge, car access, family time and the comforts of home.

Want to really spoil your scholar during overnight visits? Consider surprise-stocking their bedroom with a comfortable new mattress. Chances are their old bed has been has been there since junior high and is ready for an upgrade. Beautyrest and Serta are name brand sure-fire pleasers, with beautiful top covers and upholstery, premium foam layers and excellent support. Nothing says welcome home like an awesome night’s sleep.

Snack Without Fear

All-night study sessions surrounded by snacks, water and energy drinks are no joke. Make sure spills aren’t an issue with water-proof mattress protection. The only thing worse than studying for finals: Studying for finals while mopping up an errant cup of coffee. Mattress protection is removable and easy to throw in the laundry…An entire mattress? Not so much.

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