Adjustable bed makes sleeping more comfortable

Adjustable Base 101: All you need to Know About Adjustable Comfort

Ready to upgrade to an adjustable base? Also known as a movable or adjustable foundation, adjustable bases offer luxurious comfort, ergonomic support and so many comfy ways to enjoy your mattress.

Below we tackle some of the most commonly asked adjustable base questions and share our best tips.

Have a question not covered below? Not to worry: Sleep Train’s sleep experts are ready to help by chat or phone. Click Live Chat at the top of this page to open a chat box. Or call (800) 378-2337 and press 2 to reach a specialist. Ask away!

Can I put an innerspring mattress on an adjustable base?

Good news! Movable bases can be paired with most mattress types: memory foam, wrapped or pocketed coils, hybrid or even air.

If you have a mattress you love and want to upgrade to a movable, we recommend checking in with the mattress maker first.

Our sleep experts are also a great resource on this topic. Let them know the name and specs of your mattress and which adjustable you’d like to pair it with. Innerspring models that feature a wire edge may not be compatible, as there’s risk of the wire getting bent out of shape.

Also keep in mind that adjustable bases have weight limits—be sure to check the weight of your mattress and the weight limit of your base before pairing them up. Mattress weight can be found in your product manual. If you don’t have your manual, check out this chart to get an estimate of what a typical queen size weighs.

How tall is an adjustable base?

The height of an adjustable base depends on a few factors: who the manufacturer is and what type of leg options are available.

Some models allow you to attach shorter or taller accessory legs to create the desired height. If you prefer your bed low to the ground, removing the legs may also be an option.

When ordering, be sure to ask your sleep specialist what your leg height options are. These adjustable bases all have customizable leg options available by special order: Leggett and Platt Pro-Motion,  Leggett and Platt S-Cape.

Do I need a box spring in addition to a movable base?

No. A movable base will replace your standard box spring. Your mattress gets placed directly onto the movable base.

Is there a way my spouse and I can adjust each side separately?

Yes! This is one of the coolest ways to upgrade to a movable, especially if you and your partner have difference sleep preferences. If you each want to control your own side, simply purchase two Twin XL mattresses and put them side-by-side on a split king adjustable base.

A split king adjustable is “split” into two sections that can be controlled separately. Each of you can control your own side for total comfort and harmony. Most models even come with two remotes.

Can I mix and match brands?

It’s best to keep brands together. The reason? Mattress manufacturers are experts on their products and design them to work best in tandem. A matching base is sure to meet your mattress’s weight, height and size requirements.

That being said, if you want an adjustable base from a company that only makes bases, you have the freedom to match it with any mattress you want. Example: Leggett and Platt adjustable bases go equally well with compatible Serta and Simmons mattresses.

We recommend checking with your sleep specialist or mattress manufacturer to make sure the base you want matches your mattress’s weight and structural limits.

What prevents the mattress from sliding off the base?

Adjustable bases feature a metal bar on each side to keep your mattress in place, so there’s no risk of sliding.

Can I program my favorite positions?

With many models, yes! Higher-end models allow you to program your favorite positions so they’re available at the push of a button. Many also come with pre-programmed positions like zero gravity and flat (so you can quickly get back to a flat position with one click).

Common Mattress Buying Mistakes

Common Mattress Buying Mistakes

Buying a new mattress can be a long, exhausting process. You enter a store and are instantly greeted by a sea of almost identical looking rectangles. There’s so much to choose from… plush, firm, pillow top, hybrid, memory foam, innerspring. It can be difficult to decide where to start and unfortunately can lead to people buying the wrong mattress.

We recently sat down with our sleep specialists to compile a list of the most common mistakes they see when people are shopping for a new mattress. Check out these mistakes and make sure you end up with the best mattress for you!

Most Common Mattress Buying Mistakes

1. Buying a mattress that is too firm.

Many people have heard that a firm bed is always better for your back—this is incorrect! When you couple this incorrect information with the fact that most people wait until their current mattress is well past its healthy life, folks will overcompensate for their worn out mattress and select a bed that is just too hard for their sleeping position. Proper pressure relief is key for correct spinal alignment, circulation and support! Choosing a bed that is too firm is the most common error we see people make, and it is the most common reason for a mattress exchange.

2. Trying too many beds.

When shoppers try every bed available, it is like smelling every perfume at the counter all lined up in a row. Let your sales professional guide you to the best options for you based on your sleeping position and preferences, or you can quickly become overwhelmed, fatigued and make a frustrated choice. Avoid laying on beds that are not in your comfort profile, and once you have eliminated a bed, don’t return to it. This will keep your testing palate fresh.

3. Going to too many locations.

Like the previous mistake, going to too many locations before you have selected a bed you love is a common mistake that leaves many shoppers exhausted and confused by the end of the day. They then make a rash decision to end the process instead of making a decision that will help them sleep better. Try to find a retailer that has a great staff and offers a variety of brands and models. Then, if you want to shop for price, do so with a clear choice in mind. Many retailers will give you a window of time to find a better deal on the bed you love AFTER you purchase. This allows you to do your price shopping while well-rested from your new set.

4. Putting too much stock in online reviews or friend’s and family’s preference.

Choosing a mattress is a very personal thing. As with food, there are things that you like that your friends and loved ones can’t stand, and vice versa. Picking a bed based on what others like or do not like is a common mistake, and this goes for both brands and models. Since everyone has different preferences, body types, sleeping positions and medical histories it is important to make your decision based on what works best for you rather than choosing or eliminating a brand, model or type of mattress based on what works for your coworker, parents or that anonymous person online. The only time you should be concerned with others when choosing a bed is when they will be sharing it with you!

5. Too much focus on price.

Of course we all have a budget that must be honored, and when shoppers start the process of selecting a mattress this is usually the one factor they feel most familiar with. Too much focus on this, however, can lead to missing very important queues. Sometimes a small increase—or decrease—in what they expect to spend will have them miss out on a mattress that could be “the one”. When people pick a bed based too heavily on price rather than their sleeping needs, they will be lucky to leave with the right choice.

6. Being afraid of salespeople.

There are good and bad people in any industry and a pushy salesperson can make an already difficult decision even less comfortable. That said there are many salespeople who take great pride in helping a shopper find their perfect match. Buying a mattress is not something most people do very often, and the kind of help a knowledgeable and helpful salesperson is able to provide can be the key difference in making a choice that will serve you well for years to come.

Tips to Survive Black Friday

Tips to Survive Black Friday

Black Friday is around the corner. Time to camp out and score the hottest deals of the season! Before you skip a night of sleep to save hundreds on your Christmas gifts, check out our 5 Black Friday shopping tips.

Sleep Well the Night Before

Many Black Friday sales start at the stroke of midnight (some even earlier). This means you will be skimping on precious sleep time. Make sure you get enough rest the night before so you are able to power through the lines and get your shopping done.

Research the Sales

Do your research before heading to the stores. A little prep work will help you plan your route to score the best deals. If you are looking for a hot ticket item (e.g. flat screen TVs or the latest video gaming system), check multiple sites and sale papers to ensure you are getting the best deal. Sites like and will find the sale ads for you, or you can visit the individual retailer’s website.

Divide and Conquer

Shopping with friends and family might be fun, but you will most likely miss out on some deals. If saving money and getting the best bang for your buck is what is most important to you, consider splitting up and tackling different stores. This will also help you check everything off your list in less time—giving you a little time left to crawl back in bed!

Be Patient & Safe

Thousands of people will be out and about—remember to be patient and safe. There will be lines. There will be craziness. Have fun and enjoy the adventure.

While carrying cash might help you stay within your budget, there is a greater chance of it being stolen. Credit and debit cards often offer fraud protection in case your card is stolen.

Don’t Forget About Online Shopping

Hate the crowds? Many retailers now offer the same deals online! Many stores offer free delivery over this big shopping weekend, making it even easier to shop from home. Now you can get the best deals around while relaxing on the couch in your comfy PJs.

Is a better night’s sleep one of the items on your shopping list?

Tips to Fall Asleep Faster

5 Tips to Fall Asleep Faster

We all struggle with insomnia from time to time. Luckily, there are simple, time-tested tools to lean on when this sleep-stealer pays a visit. Read on for five ways to fall asleep fast when restlessness rears its ugly head.

Temperature Trick

Did you know a healthy sleeper’s body temperature naturally lowers about two hours before sleep? To simulate this dip and piggyback on its benefits, soak in a warm bath for 20 minutes in the evening. When you get out, your internal temperature will plunge, signaling to your brain that it’s time for sleep. To maintain your cool throughout the night, set the thermostat to 68, invest in breathable cotton sheets, and experiment with cooling sleep products.


Have a Sleep Snack

A few hours before bed, try a snack loaded with tryptophan, a known sleep-inducer. Bananas, dairy, honey and walnuts are all good sources. Why it works: The brain converts tryptophan into serotonin, which in turn becomes melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating sleep.

Practice Visualization

Can’t stop thinking about tomorrow’s early morning meeting, that bill you need to pay or the class project you promised to help with? If stressful thoughts make it difficult for you to wind down, visualization may help. Experts suggest imagining an environment where you feel at peace (sitting on a warm beach or wandering through a lush forest). Pay attention to each detail: the time of day, temperature, sounds and smells. This calming visual exercise can help you set aside your stress long enough to get some rest.

Source: University of Nevada, Reno

Set a Routine

It works for children, and it works for adults: a nighttime routine can get you in the right mindset to doze off fast. You routine can be as simple as reading a few pages of a book, brushing your teeth, and flipping off the light. As long as it’s consistent and doesn’t include over-stimulating activities like checking email or watching TV, a nighttime routine is a great go-to tool for transitioning into restful sleep.

Clear the Clutter

You may have heard that a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind. When it comes to sleep, this is especially true. Having clutter lying around, especially work papers, mail or bills, can cause subconscious stress. Invest in some attractive bins or baskets, and tuck away the nonessentials. By creating a clean visual landscape, you help your mind let go of the details of the day. Do your best to make the bed each morning, too, so when it’s time to hit the hay, you’re greeted with a neat, welcoming sleep space.

10 ways to banish sleep deprivation

10 Ways to Banish Your Sleep Deprived State and Sleep Better Every Night

Did the Zzz Test tell you it was time to get more sleep? Here’s 10 tips to banish your sleep deprived state and sleep better tonight!

  1. Give yourself “permission” to go to bed. Put away your to-do lists and make sleep a priority.
  2. Unwind early in the evening. Try to deal with worries and distractions several hours before bedtime.
  3. Develop a sleep ritual. Doing the same thing each night just before bed signals your body to settle down for the night.
  4. Keep regular hours. Keep your biological clock in check by going to bed and waking up at the same time, even on weekends.
  5. Create a restful place to sleep. Sleep in a cool, dark room that is free from noises that disturb your sleep.
  6. Sleep on a comfortable, supportive mattress and foundation. It’s difficult to sleep in a bed that’s too small, too soft, too hard or too old.
  7. Exercise regularly. Regular exercise can help relieve daily tension and stress–but don’t exercise too close to bedtime or you may have trouble falling asleep.
  8. Cut down on stimulants. Consuming stimulants, such as caffeine, in the evening can make it more difficult to fall asleep.
  9. Don’t smoke. Smokers take longer to fall asleep and wake up more often during the night.
  10. Reduce alcohol intake. Drinking shortly before bedtime interrupts and fragments your sleep.

Turn Zzz’s into A’s this School Year

Dorm Room Sleep Essentials

Back to school season has swept in, and college campuses across the country are swinging open their doors to greet incoming freshmen. Heading off to college is an exciting, sometimes stressful time for parents and students alike. There are people to meet and rules to learn. Schedules to tackle and maps to memorize. And with the freedom and excitement of school away from home come the inevitable growing pains of dorm room living. It may be the first time your child has had to share a room or make do with cramped quarters.

As you ramp up to take the college plunge, take stock of the comforts of home and determine which essentials should end up on your must-pack list. Make the most of less space and more to-dos with these product recommendations tailored to you. Rest assured, with some strategic packing and the right products, your dorm room can go from blah to ta-dah!

Back to Black

Night owl roommate? No worries. This plush cover-up is designed to offer total darkness, so even a laptop’s glare can’t reach you. It fits snugly over the contours of your eyes to comfortably block out any bright melatonin-interrupting light.

use an sleep mask instead of a book to block out bright light

Tune Out, Drift Off

Movie marathon in the dorm room next door? It’s no match for a sound machine or sound app. A crackling fire, babbling brook and breaking waves are all at your fingertips. Push play and drift off to sleep to the sound of your choice.

Upgrade From Ordinary

Standard-issue dorm beds leave something to be desired, but a padded mattress topper is a great quick-fix. Lightweight and packable, a mattress topper easily adds a touch of comfort and personalization to your home away from home. This two-inch plush memory foam design cradles pressure points, reacts to your body weight and holds its shape. Plus, the removable cover is hypoallergenic and washable.


Your new dorm room may come with a mattress, but it’s definitely BYOP (bring your own pillow). Already have one you love? Leave it at home for weekend visits, and start fresh with a cool new design. Modern pillows come in all shapes and sizes, feature materials like refreshing gel foam and hypoallergenic latex, and are designed to suit any sleep style. A molded, firm memory foam model will pull double duty: prop you up during study sessions and cradle your spine as you sleep.

Dreamfit Sweet Dreams

8 hours of class, a 3-hour study session and Intro to Physics bright and early? You’ll be happy to come home to some dreamy sheets. Treat yourself well after a long day of learning with Dreamfit’s line of premium sheets. Choose from natural, world-class or Egyptian cotton, brushed microfiber or a bamboo-rayon blend. They come with an extra-large top sheet and self-tailoring fitted sheet. Plus they’re compatible with any mattress type, with elastic corner-bands for a no-slip, bunch-free fit.

guys hanging out in college dorm room

Off-Campus Comfort

Dodging the dorm route? An off-campus apartment gives you the luxury of more space and the freedom to choose your own mattress. Consider an affordable and transportable queen size innerspring, gel memory foam or hybrid model for your off-campus abode. These mattresses are conveniently delivered to your doorstep in a box–no need to worry about attaching it to the roof of your car! Select models come with a platform base for easy transport and set-up.

Weekend Warrior

On-campus living means weekend trips to mom and dad’s just got even better. Hello, full fridge, car access, family time and the comforts of home.

Want to really spoil your scholar during overnight visits? Consider surprise-stocking their bedroom with a comfortable new mattress. Chances are their old bed has been has been there since junior high and is ready for an upgrade. Beautyrest and Serta are name brand sure-fire pleasers, with beautiful top covers and upholstery, premium foam layers and excellent support. Nothing says welcome home like an awesome night’s sleep.

Snack Without Fear

All-night study sessions surrounded by snacks, water and energy drinks are no joke. Make sure spills aren’t an issue with water-proof mattress protection. The only thing worse than studying for finals: Studying for finals while mopping up an errant cup of coffee. Mattress protection is removable and easy to throw in the laundry…An entire mattress? Not so much.

Download our Back to School Shopping Checklist!

Mattress size does matter - how to find the best size mattress

How Much Does Size Matter?

When it comes to mattress selection, size matters more than you may know. Think you and your spouse can get a full night’s sleep on a full-size mattress? We don’t recommend it, and here’s why: Healthy sleepers move throughout the night—sometimes a lot. Without room to roam, we bump into our sleep partner, wake up more frequently, struggle to relax and just don’t sleep as well as we could. Need more reason to reconsider why size matters? Check out our top-10 list of size-centric tips to mull over as you consider the best dimensions for you.

1. The number one mistake people make when shopping for a mattress? Buying one that’s too small. A common purchase regret couples have is not upgrading to a king size. As a healthy sleeper, you move anywhere from 40-60 times a night, including a dozen full body turns. Healthy sleepers spend an average of a third of the day in bed, so make sure you’re spending that time comfortably.

2. When choosing a new mattress, it’s smart to consider who will be sleeping on it in the next five to eight years. Are you recently engaged or expecting a child? Soon you’ll need more room (a cuddly, sprawling toddler can take up a third of the bed alone, not to mention the real estate your spouse will require), so it’s a good idea to prepare your sleep space ahead of time.Consider a king size mattress if you will have children or pets sleeping in your bed

3. The height and weight of those using the bed are also factors to consider when making a mattress purchase. Want to know if a mattress is going to be wide enough? Try this test: Lie down on your back and put your elbows behind your head. Do your elbows touch your partner or stretch past the edge of the mattress? You probably need a bigger size.

4. Now for the height test. A good mattress fit should give you at least six inches of space at the foot of the bed. If you or your spouse is over 6’6” tall, a California King is probably the best option for you.

5. It’s been shown that couples who sleep in cramped quarters feel less rested in the morning. (If you’ve ever been awoken by an errant arm or a soccer-playing sleeper, it’s easy to imagine why this may be true.)

6. Couples typically gravitate toward queen-size mattresses, but we suggest choosing the largest size your bedroom can accommodate. Surprisingly, at 60 inches wide, a queen bed offers each sleeper nine inches less space than if they were sleeping alone on a twin.

7. Full-size mattresses are best for solo sleepers. At 53 inches wide, a shared full size would leave only 26.5 inches for each sleeper—the same width as a crib.

8. Twin beds are a good option for space-constrained guest rooms. A twin bed can also be a good starter bed for a child, keeping in mind that a full-size or larger will be a better match once they enter their double-digit years. When shopping for your child, consider what their height and weight will be three to five years from the time of your purchase.Twin size mattresses are a good choice for younger kids

9. Mattress thickness doesn’t matter as much as having space to sprawl. But studies do note that thinner mattresses lose support and wear out more quickly than those that are more substantial. So be sure to keep mattress construction in mind, in addition to size, when selecting your ideal model.

10. Consumers who spent more than 15 minutes choosing their new mattress were more satisfied than those who spent less. So whether you’re researching online or rest-testing in store, be sure to take your time, weigh your options and choose the best mattress match (taking into account size, construction, comfort and support) for you and your lifestyle.

A well spent day brings happy sleep.

A Well Spent Day

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Sleep Quotes: A well spent day brings happy sleep. - Leonardo da Vinci

May is National Foster Care month

May is National Foster Care Month

For the 60,000 California children in foster care, it’s the little extras in life that make a difference. As the cost of raising a child is getting higher, foster parents often need a helping hand. Since its inception in 2008, the Sleep Train Foster Kids program has donated over 1,085,150 much-needed items to foster kids and $220,000 for extracurricular activities.

Learn more about foster children and what you can do to help support them in the infographic below.

May is National Foster Care Month - Find out how you can help the 60,000 California children in Foster Care.


Learn more about Sleep Train Foster Kids donation drives or donate online.

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Roll-Packed Lux Living Dream Mattress

The New “Bed in a Box”

Introducing the Lux Living Dream Mattress

Roll-Packed Lux Living Dream Mattress
You’ve heard of a bed in a bag, but what about a mattress in a box? The idea of a mattress being delivered in a small, shippable box seems absurd—until today! The Lux Living mattress uses advanced technology to easily roll-pack the mattress into a box that is one-third of its normal size. Not only does this mean a better night’s sleep can be quickly delivered to your doorstep, the smart packaging also reduces the carbon footprint. Once the mattress reaches your home, simply unpack the bed, and it will quickly return to its original shape.

But is it comfy?

You might be thinking to yourself, “This bed cannot be comfortable or provide the support I need if it is delivered in a small box.” Well, it is! The Lux Living mattress combines both latex foam and memory foam to create a comfortable, and supportive, bed that conforms to your unique shape. This means your body will be properly supported throughout the night, reducing your need to toss and turn.

With a medium firmness, this mattress is perfect for those who like to sleep on their back as it will provide ample support to keep your spine in a neutral position while providing enough cushion to easily conform to arch of your lower back. This allows your muscles to full relax during the night, and you will wake up feeling more refreshed.

What’s it made of?

The Lux Living mattress is made of three different types of foams: latex, memory and high density base foam. The combination of latex and memory foams allows the mattress to contour to your unique body shape while the high density foam adds support and durability.

Memory foam is known for its ability to slowly adjust to your body weight and temperature, filling in and cradling every curve. It prevents reciprocal movement between sleep partners which means you will enjoy longer periods of uninterrupted sleep. The restorative nature of memory foam allows it to quickly return back to its original shape and adjust to your new sleep position every time you move.

Memory foam latex foam mattress

The Lux Living mattress features the next wave of memory foam, which is more porous than previous conventional memory foams. This means the memory foam is better at allowing air to travel throughout the foam and dissipate heat while you are sleeping.

Latex foam is known for its great breathability, softness and elasticity, making it a perfect addition to any mattress. Derived from the sap of hevea brasiliensis, latex foam is sustainably harvested by making cuts into the trees and is then transported to factories to manufacture a number of rubber-based products. Unlike memory foam that slowly adapts to temperature, latex foam retains its firmness regardless of room temperature. Designed for breathability, latex foam helps wick away moisture while dissipating your body heat throughout the night. This means you can stop kicking off the sheets and enjoy undisturbed sleep at a comfortable sleep temperature.

This combination of memory and latex foams make the Lux Living mattress a great choice for allergy sufferers. Both memory and latex foams are naturally anti-microbial and resistant to allergen and dust mites.

Interested in learning more benefits of the Lux Living mattress? Click here to learn more.