Tips to Survive Black Friday

Tips to Survive Black Friday

Black Friday is around the corner. Time to camp out and score the hottest deals of the season! Before you skip a night of sleep to save hundreds on your Christmas gifts, check out our 5 Black Friday shopping tips.

Sleep Well the Night Before

Many Black Friday sales start at the stroke of midnight (some even earlier). This means you will be skimping on precious sleep time. Make sure you get enough rest the night before so you are able to power through the lines and get your shopping done.

Research the Sales

Do your research before heading to the stores. A little prep work will help you plan your route to score the best deals. If you are looking for a hot ticket item (e.g. flat screen TVs or the latest video gaming system), check multiple sites and sale papers to ensure you are getting the best deal. Sites like and will find the sale ads for you, or you can visit the individual retailer’s website.

Divide and Conquer

Shopping with friends and family might be fun, but you will most likely miss out on some deals. If saving money and getting the best bang for your buck is what is most important to you, consider splitting up and tackling different stores. This will also help you check everything off your list in less time—giving you a little time left to crawl back in bed!

Be Patient & Safe

Thousands of people will be out and about—remember to be patient and safe. There will be lines. There will be craziness. Have fun and enjoy the adventure.

While carrying cash might help you stay within your budget, there is a greater chance of it being stolen. Credit and debit cards often offer fraud protection in case your card is stolen.

Don’t Forget About Online Shopping

Hate the crowds? Many retailers now offer the same deals online! Many stores offer free delivery over this big shopping weekend, making it even easier to shop from home. Now you can get the best deals around while relaxing on the couch in your comfy PJs.

Is a better night’s sleep one of the items on your shopping list?