Dream Meanings

What Do Your Dreams Mean?

Weird, funny, scary or sad—no matter how you dream, it’s bound to be entertaining. But could there be more to dreams than meets the mind?

Some experts believe dreams help us process emotions and challenges from the day. Freud proposed that dreams are an attempt to resolve some type of conflict or desire. According to threat simulation theory, dreams are designed to prepare us for dangerous situations we may encounter in real life.

While not all researchers agree about the role dreams play, interestingly the same themes and images appear again and again, regardless of culture or locale. It’s this universality that makes dreams so tempting to dissect.  Below we round up some of the most commons dreams and what they all could mean. So read up, drift off, and enjoy some dreams of your own.


You’re weightless, elated, breezing through clouds and gliding above trees. You wake up feeling happy and light, hungry for more. Flying dreams are one of the most commons experiences among sleepers, and one of the most enjoyable, too. There’s a reason these dreams feel so good—they’re said to symbolize escape and release, a respite from real-world constraints.

Being Chased

Depending on the details of a chase dream, the meaning could vary. Are you sprinting lithely, leaping walls and outrunning your pursuer? This may be a sign you feel powerful and in control. Are you frantic, barely keeping ahead, having trouble figuring out your next move? You may be feeling stressed and rushed in your waking life.

Teeth Falling Out

You bite down and feel a loosening. One tooth pops out, followed by a dozen more. Before you know it, you’re down to nothing but your gums. Teeth dreams are said to reflect concern about how others see you or sensitivities about your appearance. They may also indicate a feeling of powerlessness in your life. Those who suffer from teeth grinding may experience a tooth-loss dream as a result of their condition.


As your bodily systems make the shift to sleep, a falling dream could be triggered. If you’ve ever dreamt you were falling and been jerked awake, there was likely a physiological connection. When experienced later in the sleep cycle, a falling dream may mean you feel as though you’re floundering or lacking control in some aspect of your life.

Lost Possessions

Hunting down keys, dropping a billfold… Losing or searching for possessions could mean you’re feeling anxious about managing your priorities. According to Cathleen O Connor, author of Everything Law of Attraction Dream Dictionary, if you’re someone who’s always late and disorganized this type of dream may be your round-about way of confronting the issue.

Missing Clothing

You walk into work, a bank, the gym, and suddenly realize…you’re missing some major parts of your outfit. If this dream is paired with feelings of anxiety, you may be feeling emotionally exposed or vulnerable. It may also be a symbol of feeling caught off guard or unprepared. If you feel relaxed and calm in this type of dream, it could represent ease and comfort in your own skin, the ability to be open with the world.